Improve the Visual Presentation of your Documents and Images!

Friday, October 26, 12:00—13:00
Would you like to integrate visual presentations and images into your class notes, PowerPoint or Prezi presentations? Learn how to create stunning visual presentations and images for the web.


Office 365—Discover Skype for Business

Friday, November 9, 12:00—13:00

Would you like to communicate with other distance learning students to carry out group projects? Learn how with the solution included in Office 365 that will make communicating easy! In addition to a chat option, Skype for Business has a video conference option for individual meetings.


On-Screen Correction Methods

Friday, November 23, 12:00—13:00
Learn about the different on-screen correction methods that could make your work a whole lot easier. Using your devices and the tools shown in the webinar, you’ll save a ton of time!


Office 365—Discover OneDrive

Friday, December 7, 12:00—13:00
Would you like to use OneDrive to store your documents? Learn how to use this tool and some other very helpful tips about storing your data securely.

Tips for Using YouTube Efficiently

Friday, December 21, 12:00—13:00 (EST)

Do you upload videos to YouTube? This workshop is for you! Learn about the different options available on YouTube: uploading, channels, playlists, subtitles, translating subtitles, starting at the desired timeframe, taking notes with YouTube, etc.